Acquisition section:
The section is responsible for the acquisition of books and verifies the bills with books. The section staff should have provides the Accession Number to books and enters the all details in the accession register. It will be support the libraries staff in their efforts to acquire and maintain the information sources for education & research at library.
Technical section:
This section classified the books in respective branches and assign the call number for books. The section staff should be prepare the catalogue, data entry sheet, due date slips and book card and also barcode label in the spines of the books.
Circulation section:
Circulation section may be called as a lending section, which deals with issue and return of books as well as registration of new members. The following activities are done by the circulation section.
1. Reservation of books
2. Issue of duplicate cards
3. Fine collection
4. Issue membership form
5. Prepare the due list and No due list for members
6. Remaining the defaulters to return the books, periodically