Companies Visited
We are happy to inform you that the following companies have conducted campus selections in the previous years.
1. Wipro Infotech Limited, Chennai,
2. Wipro Technologies, Chennai,
3. SilverLine Technologies Limited, Chennai
4. Ramco Systems, Chennai,
5. HCL Info Systems Limited, Pondicherry,
6. Tata Infotech Limited, Bangalore,
7. BPL Telecom Limited, Bangalore,
8. L & T Infotech Limited, Chennai,
9. SRA Systems Limited, Chennai,
10. L-Cube Innovative Solutions Private Limited, Chennai,
11. Rambal Limited, Chennai,
12. Advanced Synergic Microsystems Limited, Bangalore,
13. Arasan Chip Systems (P) Limited, Chennai,
14. Brakes India Limited, Chennai,
15. Adventnet India Development Centre Private Ltd, Chennai,
16. Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvallur,
17. Philips Medical Systems, The Netherlands,
18. Subex Systems Ltd, Bangalore,
19. Alstom Ltd., Chennai,
20. Paradigm Global Info Services Ltd , Chennai,
21. Reliance Infocom Ltd., Chennai