Best Outgoing Student Award was bagged by R.Rakesh Krishnan.
Most Talented Achiever Award was won by Sudharsan.S.
Best Tamil Mandram Member award was bagged by R.Rakesh Krishnan.
Best Technical Student award was won by Sudharsan.S.
Best Project Award was won by S.Vignesh, M.Rajeshkumar and S.Dhinesh for the project "Alternative Fuel from Agro-Waste".
M.Rajesh Kumar, S.Dhinesh and M.Vignesh, "Alternative Fuel from Agro-Waste" Project has won the first place in YES AWARD, XR charitable Trust ( 2013).
Sudharsan.S, Badrinarayanan.R and Suresh.K, "DELTA-T - Natural water Heat Exchanger", design has won the first price in NITT (2013).
R.Prasanna and M.Venkatesan awarded third price in "Junkyard Wars" at NITT (2013).
Suresh.K and M.Prasanna Santhosh Kumar, "Modified Emergency Exit System" was awarded first place in projects at Vinayaka Missions University (2013).
P.Elamparudhi won the individual championship at JJ College of Engineering for Athletics.
D Arul Kumaran of second year Mechanical Engineering has on third place in quiz at PSG College of Technology, KRIYA 2012.
M.I. Mohammed Aadil won second prize for paper presentation at National Institute of Technology ( PRODIGY 13).
M.I. Mohammed Aadil, X.Richard Jeffrey Arockiaraj., "Online segregation and Metrology", won Second Price in JJ college of Engineering,Trichy.
The paper titled "Network Security" presented by M.Vijaylakshmi & P.Jemmimah of third year won the first prize in Arasu Engineering college, Kumbakonam.
Real time HCI using Eye - Blink Detection by Parthiban.T, Rajesh.P, Ranjeeth Kumar C.M was Selected in L-RAMP and I-talent conducted by Microsoft.
Wireless Remote Network Monitoring by Navashankar B, Mohamed Basid S, Sivabalan S was Selected in L-RAMP & I-talent conducted by Microsoft.