Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

HOD's Desk

Welcome to the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mookambigai College of Engineering, Pudukkottai.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in the year 1985.

The primary objective of the department is to impart a quality technical education which is possible since its commencement because of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. Electronics and Communication Engineering is a dynamic and exciting area that provides excellent career opportunities in various areas of technology. Electronics and Communication Engineering has penetrated into other areas like healthcare, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc. It is one of the fastest growing fields in engineering courses which deals with hardware and software.

The department faculties are committed to teach the fundamental concepts and latest trends via teaching and learning process. The students are also taught with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to accommodate their future with confidence. In addition to classroom teaching, the students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learned in classrooms through experimentation in the laboratories and innovation centres on Internet of Things. Students are provided internship facility in organizations like BSNL.

Also the faculty members are encouraged to publish papers in reputed journals, participate in Faculty Development Programmes and workshops. Our motto is to upgrade their skills and knowledge to enable them to survive in the best competitive world.

Thank you.

Mrs. V.Rajalakshmi, M.E Head of the department

  • To produce dynamic, competent and knowledgeable Electronics and Communication Engineers for facing technological environment.

  • To attain academic excellence in electronics and communication engineering both theoretically and practically with support of qualified human resources.
  • To provide updated facilities to the students and faculty members for continuous improvement.
  • To strengthen the soft skills of rural students through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To inculcate ethical based education through a system of holistic learning.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

On successful completion of Electronics and Communication Engineering programme the graduates will have

PEO1: Excellence in professional career/ higher studies in the field of engineering.

PEO2: Professional competency with lifelong self learning attitude.

PEO3: Competency in interpersonal skills and awareness of their social responsibilities.

PEO4: The ability to work in multicultural and inter disciplinary teams with good skills and ethical Values.

For Post Graduate Programme M.E (Communication systems)
Graduates will have

PEO1: Professional knowledge in the field of communication systems and their applications.

PEO2:Analytical skills to solve complex problems at various applications.

PEO3: Solve issues in real world communication sectors and develop viable communication systems.

PEO4: Ethical values, professional attitude, team spirit and leadership skills to serve industries and society

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

On successful completion of B.E. (Electronics and Communicating Engineering) degree the graduates will

PSO1:Design electronics based systems for Signal processing, Embedded systems, Antennas and Very Large Scale Integration using various modern software tools such as IE3D and Xilinx.

PSO2: Implement professional skills and techniques in the integrated circuit design.

PSO3: Apply acquired knowledge for qualifying competitive examinations at various levels.

For Post Graduate Programme M.E (Communication systems)
Graduates will

PSO1:Critically integrate knowledge to analyze, estimate, solve complex problems and meet the challenges in the communication domain.

PSO2:Acquire knowledge in advance technology to bridge the gap between industry and academia.