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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been the pivot of the college since its inception in 1985. Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering education, that combines Engineering Physics and Mathematical principles with material science to Design, Analyze, and Manufacture and maintain the mechanical systems.

The Department is constantly striving hard to impart quality engineering education focusing on creative thinking, designing and product development ability to overcome constraints and provide effective team work with professional ethics. These skills would certainly get the students a career in Automobile, Aerospace, and other industries such as Banking and finance, management sectors, and other private and public sectors.

The Department offers both B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) and M.E. (Manufacturing Engineering) programmes which are affiliated to Anna University.

Under B.E., Mechanical Engineering program, various aspects of Mechanical Engineering such as Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Automobile Engineering and Industrial management are included.

The department is provided with several laboratories equipped with advanced instruments and machineries. Major Laboratories are: Engineering Practices Laboratory, Manufacturing Technology Laboratory, Thermal Engineering Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, Mechatronics Laboratory, Strength of Materials Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, CAD/CAM/ANSYS Laboratory and Communication Laboratory.

To expose the students in industrial environment, several Memorandums of Understanding are executed with industries. The MOU’s are facilitating the students for close industrial interaction, project work and placements. Field visit and Industrial visit are regularly arranged and the students are taken to industries. These activities would benefit the students in understanding the real work – space environment.

Several batches of students have passed out from the department. Many of them are occupying higher positions in core industries, IT field, Banking, State and central Government sectors. Many have established their own business and Industries. A few are in cine industry too. The constant interactions of Alumni with the department promote employment opportunities to the present students.

The department is focused to educate and train the students to become a well qualified Engineers who are Innovative Entrepreneur and successful in various field of Mechanical Engineering and catering the ever changing Industrial requirements and social needs. Every year various core companies are visiting the college for campus placement and many of the students are selected and placed through on campus as well as off campus recruitments.

A team of Committed, highly qualified and experienced faculty members are constantly taking care of teaching and learning processes of the students.

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To produce competent Mechanical Engineers and cater to the changing industrial demands and societal needs.


M1To impart knowledge through effective teaching learning methodology in conducive environment.

M2 To motivate the students to pursue Higher education.

M3To promote research activities of faculty and students by collaborating with industries.

M4To encourage students in acquiring entrepreneurial skills for the betterment of the Society.

M5To provide support in grooming the aspects like communication, interpersonal skills and ethical


BE Mechanical


PEO 1 Successful with their career in professional sectors and government services or pursuing higher

PEO 2 Capable to handle modern engineering tools, technology and advanced softwares for deliberating
engineering problem solutions.

PEO 3 Ethical in behavior, socially responsible and engage in life long self learning process.


PSO 1  Applying the concepts of Thermal, Material Science, CAD and Manufacturing Technology for
design and development of Mechanical system.

PSO 2  Possessing problem solving skills required in industry and contribute towards research.

PSO 3 Having professional leadership skills to work in multidisciplinary teams with good
communication skills and ethical values.



PEO 1  Successful in their career relevant to their specialization and in government services.

PEO 2 Applying the knowledge of manufacturing systems to design and develop solution for various
problems related to manufacturing sector.

PEO 3 Ethical in behavior with professional skills to work in a competitive working environment.


PSO 1 Applying the knowledge of Manufacturing Systems to the solution of complex Engineering

PSO 2 Applying the concepts of automated production system for improving the productivity.


Dr.R.Elangovan M.E., PhD

Principal DOJ: 08.01.1993 Experience: 30 Years

Dr.N.Annamalai M.Tech., PhD

Professor DOJ: 17.07.1997 Experience: 37 Years

Mr.L.Chandrasekaran M.E.,

Professor & Head DOJ: 22.12.1997 Experience: 25 Years

Mr.M.Mariappan M.E., PhD

Professor DOJ: 09.07.2007 Experience: 21 Years

Mr.D.Balasubramanian M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 03.09.2012 Experience: 10.5 Years

Mr.G.Baskar M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 26.12.2012 Experience: 8.5 Years

Mr.C.Arun M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 26.12.2012 Experience: 10.5 Years

Mr.R.Vijay chandran M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 08.08.2014 Experience: 8.5 Years

Mr.P.Vivek M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 01.07.2015 Experience: 12.5 Years

Mr.A.Charles Peromio M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 18.05.2016 Experience: 8.5 Years

Mr.S.ArunKumar M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 23.05.2016 Experience: 6.5 Years

Mr.Manickavasaham G M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 01.07.2016 Experience: 12.5 Years

Mr.S. Rajarethinam M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 07.07.2016 Experience: 10 Years

Mr.T.Parthipa Saravana Kumar M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 18.04.2022 Experience: 17.5 Years

Mr.K.Lakshmana Babu M.Tech.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 04.04.2022 Experience: 34 Years

Mr.B.Bhaskaran M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 28.06.2018 Experience: 11.5 Years

Mr.U.Arunkumar M.E.,

Assistant Professor DOJ: 28.06.2018 Experience: 7.5 Years


Technical Assistant DOJ: 15.12.2011 Experience: 17 Years

Mr.S.Abdul Rahim

Technical Assistant DOJ: 10.08.2009 Experience: 23 Years


Technical Assistant DOJ: 18.09.2019 Experience: 10 Years


Technician DOJ: 07.01.1994 Experience: 33 Years


Technician DOJ: 21.09.1988 Experience: 34 Years

Mr.K.Narayana Samy

Technician DOJ: 10.05.1988 Experience: 35 Years


Technician DOJ: 12.10.1989 Experience: 33 Years


Technician DOJ: 09.03.1988 Experience: 42 Years

Mr.S.Lenin Kumar

Technician DOJ: 05.03.1990 Experience: 33 Years


Attender DOJ: 05.09.1994 Experience: 25 Years


Attender DOJ: 21.08.2014 Experience: 15 Years

Mr.M.B.Suriya Dev

Attender DOJ: 10.06.2008 Experience: 16 Years
CAD / CAM Laboratory

Computer System ( Acer, IBM, 4GB RAM, SSD Hard Desk 256 GB), Auto cad, Ansys Software, Auto Desk inventor , MAT Lab, CNC cut viewer ( Fanuc), CNC Milling Machine (Mtab), CNC Tuning Machine (High tech CNC lathe machine), Coordinate Measuring Machine, Laser Printer, Plotter

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Submersible Pump, Gear Oil Pump, Calibration of Rotameter, Bernoulli’s Apparatus, Pitot-Tube Assembly, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Turbo Impulse Wheel, Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Major Losses in Pipes, Minor Losses in Pipes, Flow Through Notches, Flow Through Mouthpiece, Flow Through Orifice, Meta-centric Height, Open Channel Setup & Deep Well Turbine Pump.

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Capstan Lathe, Turret Lathe, Horizontal Milling Machine, Surface Grinder, Cylindrical Grinder, Shaping Machine , Planning Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Gear Hobbing Machine, Lathe Tool Dynamometer with Digital Indicator, Vertical Milling Machine, Milling Tool Dynamometer with Digital-Indicator, Centerless Grinding Machine, Tool and Cutter Grinder.

Metrology & Measurement Laboratory

Vernier Calliper, Slip Gauge Set, Sine Bar, Sine Centre, Profile Projector, Tool Makers Microscope, Mechanical / Electrical / Pneumatic Comparator, Temperature Measurement Setup, Torque Measurement Setup, Force Measurement Setup, Vernier Height Gauge, Gear Tooth Vernier, Autocollimator, Vernier Depth Gauge, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Surface Finish Measuring Equipment, Bore Gauge, Telescopic Gauge

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

4-Stroke Petrol & Diesel Engine with Electrical Loading Dynamometer, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Rope Brake Dynamometer, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Morse Test, Hydraulic Loading Single Cylinder, Two Stage Air Compressor. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Natural Convection, Forced Convection, Guarded Plate,Lagged Pipe, Pin-Fin, Stefan- Boltzman, Emissivity Measurement, Parallel Flow - Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

Seminar Hall

Department library


The Department Library is a vast storehouse of books with over 650 books which includes both foreign and Indian authors’ books. More books are being added to the Library every year.

Rules and Conditions

  • The Library will be opened from 9 a.m to 4.00 p.m on all working days.
  • Staff and Students are eligible to borrow 3 books at a time from the library.
  • Books will be issued from the library to the students only against checking their ID Cards.
  • The books issued to the students must be kept in good conditions. Any damage to the books will attract a fine.
  • The students have to return the books within 30 days. The Books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Loss of books issued, if any, should be reported to the department library incharge immediately. The borrower should replace the book within the stipulated time.
  • Dictionary, Reports, Proceedings and Reference Sources will not be lent out.
Strength of Materials Laboratory

Spring Testing Machine, Rockwell, Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Torsion Testing Machine, Impact Tesing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, muffle furnace, Deflection Test Apparatus, Rosette Strain Gauge Setup.

Dynamics Laboratory

Cam Analyzer, Motorised Gyroscope, Governor Apparatus, Whirling of Shaft Apparatus, Dynamic Balancing Machine, Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine, Vibrating Table, Vibration Test Facilities Apparatus, Gear Models, Gear Trains, Kinematic Models to Study Various Mechanisms, Apparatus to find Moment of Inertia of Flywheel and Connecting Rod, Compound Pendulum.

Mechatronics Laboratory

Hydraulic Trainer with Lab View Interface, Basic Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Basic Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit with PLC,Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit, AC Servo Motor with PID Controller, DC Servo Motor with PID Controller, 8051 Micro Controller Trainer Kit with Stepper Motor, Multi Flow Process Trainer with Computerized Data Logging System, Air Compressor with Storage Tank, Hydraulic Simulation Software Fluidsim 4.0-H, Pneumatic Simulation Software Pneumosim 4.0-P , Image Processing Technique Kit.


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            R 2020 – CURRICULUM & SYLLABUS

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Industrial Visit

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Events Participantion

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Engineering Thermodynamics

The working models are demonstrated in the class to connect the tangible model with the theoretical concept. This helps the students to easily understand the working principles of boiler and engine components.

Group Discussion


An important key element to understand the concepts of thermodynamics. In this a group of students are actively involved to demonstrate a particular concept in action. This will help the students to comprehend the topics with ease. The purpose of these activities is to ensure tracking students development, revealing the learning progress and involving the students in the assessment process.

Thermal Engineering

Project Based Learning


Project-based learning relies on developing key skill sets such as research, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration in the area of Thermal Engineering and IC Engines. Project-based learning is an active method of learning where students gain mastery through the application of their knowledge rather than rote memorization.


Internship/ In-plant training/ Industrial training/ Industrial visit

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Prof. L.Chandra Sekaran

Professor & Head of the Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mookambigai College of Engineering

Kalamavur, Pudukkottai-622502

Mail ID:lcringus@gmail.com

Mobile :9942138300


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