Srinivasa Nagar, Kalamavur, Pudukkottai-Dist 622502, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Programmes Offered


Sl.no Subject Topic
1 EE3503- Control systems Bode plot
2 EE3503- Control systems Block diagram to State model
3 EE3503- Control systems Differential Equation to state model
4 EE3503- Control systems State transition matrix
5 EE3503- Control systems Block diagram reduction
6 EE3503- Control systems Transfer function- Canonical state
7 EE3503- Control systems Transfer function to state model
8 EE3503- Control systems Observability (state space analysis)
9 EE3503- Control systems Controllability (State space analysis)
10 EE3404- Microprocessor and Microcontroller Logical instruction of 8085 microprocessor
11 EE3404- Microprocessor and Microcontroller Arithmetic instruction of 8085 microprocessor
12 EE3404- Microprocessor and Microcontroller 8085-Instruction set
13 EC3301- Electron devices and circuits Full bridge rectifier
14 EE3404- Microprocessor and Microcontroller Architecture of 8085 microprocessor
15 EE3503- Control systems RH criterion
16 EE3503- Control systems Polar plot
17 BE3251- Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Transformer an introduction
18 BE3252- Basic Electrical Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Transformer an introduction
19 EE3303 -Electrical Machines I Transformer an introduction
20 EE8402 -Transmission and Distribiution Transmission lines
21 EE8402 -Transmission and Distribiution Details of Distribution lines
22 GE3271- Engineering Practices Lab Stroboscopic effect on Fluorescent lab
23 EE8552 Power Electronics Inverter Washing Machine Operation
24 EE3591 Power Electronics Inverter Washing Machine Operation
23 EE3303 -Electrical Machines I Load test on single phase transformer